• Increase patronage and awareness of programs and company brand
  • Clearly represent artistic vision
  • Increase awareness on a national and international level
  • Reach and interact with markets outside of arts sectors


  • Strengthen cultural position
  • Highlight advocacy and policy initiatives
  • Create purposeful methods to increase funding and sponsor interaction
  • Simplify messages and ideas to resonate longer


  • Increase consumer interaction with wellness initiatives
  • Acknowledge and lead health and fitness trends
  • Implement social media campaigns across marketing and PR
  • Successfully launch company initiatives in crowded marketplace
Media and Blogger relations – Put your story in the lights through relevant (communicate your impact to your audience); compelling (purposeful information that stimulates action); simple (easy-to-understand messages that avoid jargon); tailored (adaptable and effective language to reach different target audience); and strategic (plan around and differentiate value) communications that connect press with your brand.
Strategic and brand positioning – We serve you best when we explore the fundamentals of your vision and mission statements and ensure that your communications are performing well both internally and externally. We’ll assist you in determining key performance indicators that highlight significant metrics over time. Determining your unique identity help us drive engagement and ensure that your brand takes center stage.
Marketing support and sponsor outreach – What is your reach? Marketing carried out effectively leverages press attention to gain sponsorship interest and build stronger partnerships and boards. We consult with your teams to test messages, ensure PR strategies increase online exposure and SEO results, and increase your frequency in the lights.