Core Public Relations Services

Press releases and media alerts Shine a spotlight on your event, company milestones and important wins with creative and focused releases that publicize and invite press to engage. Comprehensive releases allow reporters to source information for their respective articles, thus starting the conversations that build emotional connection to your message.
Media and blogger relations – Put your story in the lights through relevant (communicate your impact to your audience); compelling (purposeful information that stimulates action); simple (easy-to-understand messages that avoid jargon); tailored (adaptable and effective language to reach different target audience); and strategic (plan around and differentiate value) communications that connect press with your brand.
Strategic and brand positioning – We serve you best when we explore the fundamentals of your vision and mission statements and ensure that your communications are performing well both internally and externally. We’ll assist you in determining key performance indicators that highlight significant metrics over time. Determining your unique identity help us drive engagement and ensure that your brand takes center stage.
Media training – Successful and confident communications skills are honed by media training and practice. We determine key messages (facts and stats) so that you are prepared and confident when you hear “lights, camera, action.”
Messaging and press kit development – Who are you? What do you stand for? Why? We believe its vital to your success to illuminate your vitality and value to the market. With repeated use, such statements serve as the foundation of your branding and should be reflected in all written and spoken communications.

Specialty Services

Social media – Gain an understanding of how to strategically integrate new tools with traditional methods across the realm of social media. Discover how to make your blog posts, tweets and other status updates more relevant, valuable and interesting to your readers and most importantly – invite your audience to engage with you center stage.
Marketing support and sponsor outreach – What is your reach? Marketing carried out effectively leverages press attention to gain sponsorship interest and build stronger partnerships and boards. We consult with your teams to test messages, ensure PR strategies increase online exposure and SEO results, and increase your frequency in the lights.
Event and trade show support – Targeted events and tradeshow attendance remain an important resource for customer and media attention. Planning with PR strategies and proper implementation allow us to ensure you get maximum attention. Get your expert voice on stage, we work with you to submit your bold ideas for keynote and panel conversations.

We work with trusted partners who connect with our PR services to further impact exposure and consumer interaction through affective web design, search engine optimization and graphic design implementation. Our partners also provide vital business consultations to identify key metrics and strategies that further your mission and increase press buzz.